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Dobbins Studios is a company of 4 people, including owner Ruth Dobbins. We offer the full range of services in the glass etching industry, from graphic design through production and have completed thousands of pieces throughout the US and abroad, from residential through commercial. This includes work of all different sizes, from gifts and awards up to a glass mural 8 feet high and 35 feet long. We have an excellent graphics department that uses the most up to date graphics computers, software and techniques in the industry today.

Norm & Ruth have been internationally recognized leaders in the glass etching business for 35 years and have helped develop the industry to where it is today. They have developed, publicized and taught many of the techniques currently used by glass etchers around the world. They founded the first company that specialized in the manufacture and sale of pressurized blasting equipment to glass etchers. Norm and Ruth have authored over 100 articles about etching techniques for professional trade organizations as well as 6 video tapes and 4 books that are used by professional glass etchers worldwide. We regularly teach at industry trade shows and in their own Aliento Glass School. (Aliento is the only glass school in the world dedicated to teaching and preserving abrasive glass etching techniques to professionals in the glass business.)

Norm & Ruth have been asked to serve as consultants to many other companies who manufacture equipment and materials for the glass etching industry as well as those who etch glass for clients. In this capacity they have worked with such companies as R.S. Owens, the manufacturer of the Oscar statue for the Academy Awards, on how to best set up a glass etching department, obtain the necessary equipment to work with and train their shop managers and employees. At present, this company is successfully marketing etched glass corporate items.

Being leaders in the glass etching industry, it is our business to keep abreast of current technology and we are frequently asked to test new materials and technologies for major companies. This keeps us at the cutting edge of technology in the glass etching field. In achieving our current position in the industry, we have gained the necessary skills to evaluate, organize, manage and execute projects of any scope.

Since Norms sudden passing in 2008, Ruth continues to pursue their studio work, primarily in the form of both private and public custom commissions from individuals, businesses and institutions.

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