For 3 1/2 years, Norm and Ruth Dobbins collaborated with internationally recognized artist Judy Chicago to create new expressions of Judy's work in glass. That effort came to fruition in their first showing, at LewAllen Contemporary gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico from November 3 through December 31, 2006.

The show featured over 30 works and involves 3 different forms of glass:

- 3 dimensionally cast pieces of glass that have been carved, painted and fired in a kiln.

- Flat glass panels fused in layers of multiple colors then carved in reverse bas relief, painted and fired.

- A few pieces of flat clear glass that have been carved in reverse bas relief and then painted and fired.

In creating these pieces they discovered that they had to break new ground in several areas, in order to get the work done. Some of these areas included multiple firings of glass paints onto cast or thick fused pieces of glass, many of which had been carved to substantial depth after the casting or fusing. It is very difficult to fire large cast pieces without cracking them, especially multiple times. Even the paint manufacturer did not know what to expect with multiple firings of their colors on blasted and carved surfaces.


Judy Chicago Collaboration

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